BIOCHEM Educational videos

Interviews with Steve Fletcher, co-ordinator of BIOCHEN, who is introducing BIOCHEM and the biobased sector at various events.

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BIOCHEM: Putting SMEs at the core of Bio-innovation 7:08 min
Bio innovation an SMEs matter
SMEs are at the core of the Bio-based innovation. Steve Fletcher from the BioChem project explains why Bio-based products will not only help the EU achieve its green objectives but also improve SMEs' sustainability.
2:43 min
BIOCHEM Accelerator Forum Milan 2011 6:17 min
SusChem Stakeholder: Full Interview, Steve Fletcher
On April 17th, 2012 over 220 participants from industry, government and academia attended the SusChem Stakeholder Event at the Diamant Conference Centre in Brussels. This year's theme was "Partnering for Sustainable Innovation through Chemistry". Delegates discussed how sustainable chemistry can and will transform the European innovation landscape in the coming years: resource & energy efficiency, water management, raw materials, smart cities are all areas where chemistry has a key role to play through strong partnerships.
2:06 min

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