Webinars are provided for the Introduction of certain tools, which can be found in the toolbox area:

Business models and business plans

YouTube VideoLength
Introduction 2:07 min
What is a Business Model 8:21 min
Build a Business Model 7:29 min
The Business Plan "Puzzle" 6:07 min
Who are the Investors? 13:38 min
The "Deal Funnel" 9:53 min
Check your Businessplan 7:47 min

Sustainable Design Guide

YouTube VideoLength
Introduction 7:00 min
Process 13:15 min
Case Study 12:02 min

Bio-based Products Potential for Innovation

YouTube VideoLength
Potential for Innovation P.1 9:00 min
Potential for Innovation P.2 8:47 min
Potential for Innovation P.3 9:15 min

Life Cycle Assessment

YouTube VideoLength
Introduction 7:57 min
Methodology 9:08 min

Carbon Footprinting

YouTube VideoLength
An Overview with Examples 16:32 min


YouTube VideoLength
The CCalC BIOCHEM Tool 5:39 min

For enquiries or any help on BIOCHEM contact info-biochem [a] ciktn.co.uk

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