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IPR (Patents and Trademarks)

Patents and IPR (Intellectual Property Right) are important issues to get on top of. Investors view on patents might surprise you. Not all investors consider a patent by itself as having a lot of value, unless it is a strong potential revenue stream it is protecting. Get a realistic view on how a patent might be valued by downloading this short article (pdf):

icon Investor perspective on IPR.pdf 650 KB

However, patents are only one side of the IPR challenge. When it comes to business "Trademarks" are equally important, think about "CocaCola", "Viagra" and "StarBucks". On the more technical aspects related to Patents, trademarks and other aspects relatred to IPR, the European Patent Office (EPO) web site provides a wealth of information.

European Patent Office web site:

You can also download an article on the services of EPO:

icon EPO Patent information (Feb. 2011).pdf 106 KB

The EU funded IPR helpdesk is a reference point for intellectual property rights (IPR) inquiries throughout the European Union. Just follow the link to get to the IPR help desk:

BIOCHEM partners ready to discuss business aspects related to IPR strategy:


The IMP3rove Assessment provides an indication of your competitiveness and sustainable growth. It shows to what extent your Innovation Management capabilities contribute to the competitiveness of your company. Almost 3000 small and medium sized companies globally have already benefitted from the IMP3rove Assessment. Companies from 5 up to several hundred employees that were at least 2 years in business gain valuable benchmarks free of charge.

With the IMP3rove Assessment, growth by Innovation Management is systematically assessed along all dimensions of the "A.T. Kearney House of Innovation". It measures the performance of the key factors for successful Innovation Management. A comprehensive IMP³rove Assessment report compares your company with the Growth Champions and with the average. Depending on the geographic scope you can compare your company with your competitors in your domestic markets or with (potential) competitors in international markets.

This tool has not been developed within the BIOCHEM project and assistance using the tool shall be provided by a non-BIOCHEM partner.

To learn more and access this useful tool, click: Through this link you can also find a relevant IMP3rove advisor.

The Innovation Challenges for Bio-Based Business report details some of the Innovation challenges for process technology, product formulation, material technology and chemical feedstock in relation to the bio-based product areas.

icon BIOCHEM Innovation Challenges Report.pdf 282 KB

Biochem Needs Assessment

This report gives an updated picture of the needs of European companies operating in the bio-based sector, taking into consideration in particular Small and Medium sized Enterprises and start-up companies. They have been analysed considering their needs from three different points of view:

icon BIOCHEM Needs Assessment for Research Training_and Skills.pdf 965 KB

Biochem business examples

Examples from the industry which can serve as inspiration

The "best practice" report provides a number of succesful cases relevant for the Biochem industry. It includes examples of:
  1. Best Practices of Bio-Based Research Organizations
  2. Best Practices of large multinational Bio-Based Businesses
  3. Best Practices of small and medium size Bio-Based Businesses

icon Best Practices of Bio-Based Businesses.pdf 1,1 MB

Market and Supply chain

The reports and teaching material focuses on identifying up-to date barriers, constraints and opportunities for innovation in the Biobased product sector. The report "Assessment of the Bio-based Products Market Potential for Innovation" summarises many aspects of the operating environment for the SMEs.

It contains:

icon Bio-based product market potential.pdf 722 KB
icon Bio-based market potential - training material.pdf 2,3 MB
icon Bio-Based markets - Training material.pdf 166 KB

The BIOCHEM partner ready to assist you on issues related to Markets and Supply Chain is:


Guidance on regulation in the sector of the bio-based products is not the main focus of the BIOCHEM project. However, we have prepared a short overview Owerview of European legislation including links to the official EC documents.

This document can provide you with a first insight into the complexity of legislation affecting the sector of the bio-based products, including for example introductions on the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), bio-fuels regulations and REACH.

icon BIOCHEM KTNLBiochem European legislation.docx 90 KB

Although we do not have specialized "Regulatory Affairs" managers as partners within the project, the following partners will probably be able to refer you to the relevant contact points:

Other interesting links that can provide you with possible roads into the "regulatory jungle", are:

For enquiries or any help on BIOCHEM contact info-biochem [a]

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